Giles and PosnerŪ Stir Popcorn Maker with Serving Bowl, 5.5 Litre Capacity, 850 W

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This Giles and Posner Stir Popcorn Maker is perfect for making a quick snack to share with friends or family in front of a movie. Ready in just three minutes, the 850W popcorn maker machine can reach a high temperature of 130°C, holding a generous capacity of 5.5 litres. Designed with the user in mind, the device features a convenient, non-stick heating plate for added safety and motorised stirring rods for evenly cooked popcorn. Fun and practical, the cover transforms into a handy serving bowl.

  • If you fancy a fun, tasty treat, this Giles and Posner popcorn maker is ideal; simply add the kernels and cook for just three minutes.
  • Boasting motorised stirring rods to keep the kernels moving, the popcorn maker machine will evenly cook the popcorn for tasty results.
  • This powerful 850 W device can reach a high temperature of 130 degrees and features a non-stick heating plate for added convenience.
  • With a generous 5.5 litre capacity, this popcorn maker is perfect for making large portions to share with your friends and family.
  • Designed with the user in mind, the innovative cover of this fabulous popcorn maker conveniently transforms into a large serving bowl
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