Giles & Posner Red Jelly Sweet Gummy Treat Maker

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Make fun gummy sweets using this fantastic Giles and Posner jelly treat maker. It comes with a 4 section tray and 4 silicone candy mould trays with a variety of shapes which allows you to make up to 32 sweets at once. Simply melt your gelatine mixture in the electric pot in the centre of the tray, pour the mixture into the shaped moulds and then wait for the treats to cool before tucking in. Perfect for kids, it even includes 20 customisable gift bags which are ideal for sharing with friends.

  • A great way to keep the kids entertained, this Giles and Posner gummy treat maker enables you to make your own jelly sweets at home.
  • The set includes a 40W electric melting pot, a sectioned tray and 4 silicone moulds in the shape of hearts, dummies, snakes and stars.
  • Melt your gelatine mix in the electric heating pot, pour it into the silicone moulds then wait 15-20 minutes for the sweets to set.
  • Incredibly easy to use, the pot is controlled using a simple on/off switch while the non-slip feet keep the tray secure and safe.
  • The set makes 32 sweets and once and comes with 20 customisable bags which are perfect for serving treats to your friends at parties.
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