Giles & Posner Six Piece Ribbed Glass Candy Baking Storage Jars, with XL, Large and Small Caddies

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Perfect for storing ingredients, craft materials, sweets and more, these vintage style glass jars by Giles & Posner are a perfect addition to your home or workspace. Made from clear glass with a ribbed finish, these lovely jars feature a silicone stopper lid so the contents will stay fresh and remain hygienically stored. Channel your inner baker and store flour, oats or sugar in in the kitchen, or fill with sweet treats and give them as beautiful homemade gifts to your friends and family.

  • Keep your favourite treats and ingredients fresh with these Giles & Posner glass jars, ideal for kitchen storage and homemade gifts.
  • This set includes three small jars, two large jars and an extra-large jar to maximise your storage space whilst looking fantastic.
  • Perfect for storing baking or other dry ingredients in the kitchen, such as flour or pasta, in a stylish and sophisticated way.
  • Alternatively, fill the jars with sweet treats and give your friends, family and colleagues a beautifully chic homemade gift.
  • Looking fabulous in any setting, these traditional sweetshop style jars feature silicone lids for an airtight and hygienic storing.
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